If you are anything like I was, from the outside it looks like you are successful. On the inside it’s a different story. There is an ever present low level anxiety around what needs to be done.

That’s the thing about being successful. So many people rely on you but but who is looking after you? 

How good would it feel to really breathe relax and enjoy your success, instead of worrying which ball you will drop first. 

If you wake up with a to do list in your head and then as soon as you get anywhere near finishing it you create an new one, it’s time to add something new to the list.

THE SECRET is self care and the kind of self care I am talking about goes way beyond the occasional massage or bi annual retreat. 

THE KEY is taking your brain out of the picture and developing habits of self care which allow your body to take the lead with it’s own set of smarts.

Your body is already trying to align itself with it’s natural support system (circadian rhythms etc). Just let it do what it does best.

I’ve coached many professional women, just like you and have seen everyday lives transformed by outwardly simple self care practices.

I offer both accelerated and highly individualised one-on-one coaching and also a group lifestyle coaching program.

The group programmes have support and collective elevation at their core. The 10 week programme will inevitably create a life-changing shift.

This work isn’t rocket science.

It’s ancient wisdom wrapped up in 21st century packaging for those who want quick practical steps to restore energy levels fast.

1:1 Fast Track: Habit Change Coaching

Living in ease is achievable for anyone no matter how busy your life. Your core habits are the key.

Without core habits of self care, lives become stressful and disease is the inevitable result.

I get it, you don’t have time to work out your individual nutritional needs (and FYI there is no one size fits all on that front), which practical self care habits work fast to bring about maximum results and the very best strategies available to expertly navigate stressful events as they arise

I am here to help zero in on your personal needs, work out practical ways to revamp your diet that in ways that fit your hectic lifestyle.

Bits of the information I will give you can be found elsewhere but this work is for people who don’t have time to go searching themselves and want to bring ease and flow into their lives fast. It’s actually inevitable because once you move into your flow everything happens fast.

Although I am happy to work with you one on one for a month if that works best for you I find that the optimum results happen with a commitment of at least three months. During those 3 months I will be there to lift and support you and remind you why you have made the decision to look after yourself:

•An initial consultation during which we can drill down what is really going on for you. Amongst other things we will look at your energy levels, how well you sleep, what your exercise pattern looks like, what you eat, how do you deal with stressful events, how you feel when you start your day and the boundaries you set in relationships. This will probably take about 1 hour.

•I will create an individualised plan for you.This will facilitate change for you in the areas which are most relevant and important to you.

•You will have agreed weekly actions steps and you will also be accountable to me as there will also be weekly coaching appointments

• With very few provisos you will also have open access to email support

Appointments are conducted phone, or via Skype or in person by arrangement.

Private one on one consultations are tailor made and are suitable for individuals who want fast action and are willing to do the work, necessary to up level their health.

This is a holistic approach to health based on Ayurvedic principles of self care. It’s ancient wisdom with a very 21st century application.

Want to know more. This programme is tailor made to your needs so let’s chat.

10 Weeks: Habits To Create Ease

Our lives are filled with activity. Hectic working lives filled with deadlines are compensated for by packing in as much fun stuff as possible right?

in reality the end result is depletion. We are talking about the type of exhaustion no amount of catch up sleep at the weekend will sort out.

When we engage in this type of frantic activity we force our bodies into a content mild state of panic (elevated coritisol) and it’s hardly surprising that we become exhausted and create the perfect conditions for chronic disease to develop.

Becoming really well rested, waking up with energy is actually easily achievable with relatively small shifts in habit your habit’s of self care.

Over the course of 10 weeks you will develop or refine 10 core habits of self care. As you do you will find change happens effortlessly.

Feel the strength of the group, lift and support you as you move towards your joint purpose; an easeful disease free life.

Get grounded in daily rituals and habits and allow your body to thrive for a  lifetime. Feel your body reconnect with its natural rhythms and sources of support as we combine the wisdom and knowledge of Western and Eastern health care philosophy.

Evolution happens fast in a group setting with like- minded people.

Here are your guarantees

a)better sleep

b)better diet

c)increased energy

Like the sound of this. Want to know more?