Which Juicer?

With all the hype about juice cleanses choosing a juicer should be easy! Right?

Well actually no, deciding which juicer you should chose is potentially a nightmare. 

Juicing can be amazing. The fibre is removed from the vegetable/fruit you consume when you juice, this means you are able to drink much more than would be possible if you were blending and retaining the fibre. So far so good. More volume more nutrients right? Well yes potentially. Quicker absorption of the nutrients right? Yes! Less fibre means it’s less taxing for the body right? Ok I’ll give you that one too.

Sorry there is a but !

If you are juicing fruit in anything other than sparing amounts (and low sugar fruits at that) your juice will give a massive and rapid release of natural sugars into your bloodstream. Honestly this is not what you want. If you are going to use much fruit you are far better off blending and leaving the fibre in.

Juicing is best kept to vegetables and sprouts. Sprouts like peashoots and sunflower sprouts actually taste pretty sweet but if you are using bitter or more astringent vegetables (kale springs to mind for some reason) try using things like lemon juice and mint. Personally I love fennel but I understand that it’s something you either love or hate. No-one can dispute that it will change the taste!

Do you still want to juice? Which/what type of juicer should you chose?

What you want to juice and your budget are going to be your deciding factors.

The Centrifugal Juicer

I will start with the one I consider “a complete waste of money.” Sorry if you already have one but I have to tell it as I see it. In my view a centrifugal juicer is not worth buying. It is the one with a spinning basket type thing. It generally juices fruit well but struggles with leafy greens. The mechanism for juicing used with this machine, high speed chopping, means that nutrients are lost more quickly than with any other form of juicer and as I have already mentioned if you have a mainly fruit based drink (which is all this type of juicer is really fit for), you are better off with a blender. I can’t really say any more than that. 

The Masticating Juicers

In my view these are a much better choice. They all use a slow turning auger (a type of press) which means that there is less nutrient loss than with the centrifugal juicer. There are three types.

The Straight-Forward Masticating Juicer.

This type of juicer is pretty good. It can handle all types of vegetables and although it doesn’t handle sprouts and wheatgrass as well as the two other types of masticating juicer, the upside is it tends to be a bit cheaper. A friend of mine recently bought the Matlock juicer and is really happy with it. I have to say it’s a nice looking piece of machinery to sit on your counter top too, if that is a consideration.

UK prices

When I checked the retail price came up as £399 but on sale for £199.


The US market

This is a pretty comprehensive review: http://bit.ly/juicelrosie

As regards Asia

Here is a review done by a friend of mine. We have different takes on juicing per se but the information on juicers is great.


The Single Auger Juicer.

This is the type of juicer I have. The Omega 8006, in chrome, to be precise. Ok I admit it, the counter top consideration did play a part in my decision making. It’s probably a little more expensive than the ordinary masticating juicer but not significantly so. The great thing for me is that it deals really well with wheatgrass and sprouts both of which I like to juice.


When I looked on Amazon today it was retailing for £319.


It looks a lot cheaper in the dollar form, retailing at anything between $175 and $290.

The Asian information above holds good.

The Twin Gear Auger

This is a suped up version of the single auger but has more pressing power which gives a higher nutrient content and the juice yield is higher. Again it tends to be slightly more expensive.

The one I most often hear recommended is the Green Star.


Here it was retailing in the UK for £499.



In the US again, it looks to retail a little more cheaply,  $499 on Amazon and again ref Asia above.

The only thing I’ve actually tasted using the Green Star is banana ice cream: made from frozen banana and whilst not on point, I can say it was bloody amazing. I tried the same using my machine and it wasn’t as good. But remember you are buying it mainly for the veggies. 


The Dogs Bollocks; The Hydraulic Press

The hydraulic press is just that. It gives rise to least oxidation and gives the highest yield of juice (quantity). In my view it’s rather time consuming and expensive (the Norwalk is around the £2,500 mark).I have used a friend’s machine once so I can tell you with some confidence that, it is time consuming to use.  If nutrient content is your paramount concern, this one might be for you but for me, the time and expense involved, outway the benefits.


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