Too Old To


You can add whatever you like to the end of the sentence. How many times do we tell ourselves “you  are too old to…” ? It might be skateboarding or learning to surf, or even learning to swim or cycle, if you haven’t learnt previously.  It doesn’t have to be physical. Who hasn’t said to themselves something like, “You are too old to…learn a new language.”

You Are Too Old To: Just One Of The Excuses !

It might just as well be “you are too fat to,’ or “you are too thin to”.  We put so many limitations on ourselves in relation to what we can, or should, be doing when. There is always some time in the future, when we will be in a better place, or in better condition, to do whatever it is we would really like to do.

Anyone who has had contemplate the loss of a future will tell you what, deep down, you already know; there is no  time like the present !

It Does Mean You Might Not Excel: That’ s Ok.

That’s the root of the problem isn’t it! A conventional perception concerning when we should and shouldn’t be doing things. We struggle to work out what is, age, weight, gender or whatever appropriate and find difficult to step outside conventional wisdom.

People who surf should be young, lithe and slim.  The same goes for those who skateboard. That’s way before we even go near the issue of what is perceived to be acceptable clothing and why geriatrics shouldn’t wear board shorts.

Let’s Be Realistic; You Might Be Too Old To….

Run a marathon without any training. But hey, come on, that has nothing to do with age and much more to do with, having a bit of common sense. I am very ashamed to say I was in my mid 30’s when I attempted to stumble around a half marathon having done no previous training. Post event was not pretty on any level.

I wouldn’t do that again ever but I am pretty sure that I could run a marathon with the right training. Running just doesn’t figure anywhere on my “ I’d love to” list. You see how easily I got out of that.

My point is that you can’t expect to throw yourself into a pool (well much beyond a few months) and swim if you haven’t learned how to before but with adequate preparation anyone can do it.

We have to do things because we want to. It could be that we  would like to experience something or possibly that we  think we might learn something. Either way, it involves putting yourself out there and  being prepared not to excel, or even stink at it but to have damm good fun at the same time.

We Love It When We See Other People Doing It.

Admit it we might think “you are too old to..” about ourselves but we rarely think that about other people do we? We look at other people, especially ones who are bucking the trend and think good on you. I am pretty sure we all know a George who is learning to scuba dive aged 78, or a Barbara who took up aerial silks at 68 (actually that is Barbara at the top, is 70 now.

Here is my question!

What is more inspiring? Seeing someone you expect to be doing something doing it, or seeing someone you don’t expect? It’s always the unexpected that’s inspiring isn’t it?  Well instead of seeing and being inspired, it’s time to take a step towards being inspirational ourselves.

Come On We Are Never Too Old To Just Do It!

Ir’s pretty exhilarating to push yourself to do things you might be afraid of but then try and then accomplish at some level.  How often do we push ourselves outside our comfort zone and how good does it feel when we do?

When are we going to step up to the plate and put ourselves out there? The more people bucking the trend, the more the perception of who should be doing what, when, breaks down and everything becomes more accessible.

This week I am putting my money where my mouth is. Watch this space.

too old to