what to wear to yoga class

Don’t Worry About What To Wear To Yoga Class Just Go!

If you are new to yoga, the big thing to remember is that you need to be comfortable. You should feel supported but your movement should be unrestricted.  What you wear to yoga class is much less important than actually getting yourself there and being open minded.


On the clothes front, what gives you comfort and ease of movement will vary depending on the climate you live in.

If you are practising in a drafty church hall in the UK  (I applaud you and watch out for the crumbs left on the floor by the mother and toddler groups when you get to your face down positions) leggings, sweatpants and T Shirts will work really well.

If you chose a lose T Shirt, feeling comfortable that it conceals a muffin top, remember that as soon at your legs go in the air (and they will) your T Shirt will end up at your armpits. Just saying!

Cold climates are very forgiving when it comes to fabric type and colour. Beware if you are practising in a warm climate. You will sweat even if the class is gentle.  Cotton might seem like a good choice but depending on the colour you chose, it’s going to show.

Faux Pas

And so to the faux pas. Some are drawn from shameful personal experience but I refuse to be more specific.

  1. At the risk of giving too much away I will share that my favourite colour is turquoise. If you chose to wear brightly coloured cotton and you sweat in class, you will probably end the class looking as if you are incontinent and have others asking themselves, wasn’t this supposed to help the pelvic floor.
  2. Thai pants look really cool I admit.  If they are made from silk they may even make you feel like a Goddess as you float into your Warrior 3. When you try a handstand, or any inversion for that matter,  make sure you are not wearing grey underpants and/ or you have recently had bikini wax. As your legs flip up, those split pant legs are just going to flop to the side, revealing the state of your underwear collection to your fellow students; or much worse students. I did it as a student, not a teacher; phew!
  3. Going commando might seem like a great way to avoid VPL. Please remember, if you are wearing leggings, unless they are super thick and have been unaffected by lycra deterioration, when you go into Downward Facing Dog (just think arse in the air) you may well be revealing the precise contents of your last meal, to anyone who happens to have the misfortune to position themselves behind you. Just saying, as a teacher you see a lot!
  4. Also on the commando theme, remember, if you stand in front of lighting, you will put yourself in silhouette and all wares will be on display. No matter how out there and proud we are aiming to be, it can be a bit of a distraction.
  5. There is a fair bit of going upside down (inversions). There is also quite a bit of taking your body to the side in the average class. Be honest with yourself.  Women with tiny perky don’t move boobs can probably get away without bras. and or, combine this choice with skimpy T Shirts. Anyone else is just going to end up letting them hang out, probably in very unintended ways. Play it safe!

Don’t be put off!

If you are thinking bloody hell, I had no idea, I am terrified. Please don’t and don’t over think it, because, in my humble opinion those that overthink things end up;


Wearing mala beads around their neck when they practise, letting everyone know what great meditators they are (necklaces just end up in your gob).


Dressing head to foot in lulu lemon because it’s the yoga equivalent of a rolex watch.


If you are a bloke wearing a man bun. If you haven’t watched it before this is hilarious. JPSEARS

Be comfortable. Be willing to see the funny side of everything, whether in yourself or others. Give it a go. It will change your life for the better for ever. We are all so desperate to be accepted and part of the gang (myself included)  yoga is a practise for inner development. You don’t have to do, or say, anything anyone else tells you; me included.

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