Frozen Karma !

Pleeease. I am pretty sure I’ve done it  but some yoga teachers do come out with some weird language in yoga class. Quite honestly it’s often spiritually sounding mumbo jumbo.

I recently attended a yoga class where were practised Paschim Namaskarasana or reverse prayer.

Here is my friend Michaela showing you what it looks like:

weird language in yoga

The pose is challenging for me. What you have to achieve is an  internal rotation of the upper arms. Given that I have, tight shoulders so it’s quite a stretch !  

In any event, when I had finished the teacher asked, did our arms tingle. Well in my case – yes my arms did. “That’s good” the teacher reassured us “that’s  frozen karma”!!

Sorry but please! Frozen karma? Frozen shoulder is a bit closer to the truth.. I believe emotions can be held by and in different parts of the body. Think about the way a depressed person carries themselves? Similar, if slightly more subtle blocks and fixed postures  are  felt in other  parts of the body in association with other emotions. I accept that, but sorry frozen karma is too much. What does it mean anyway? Karma is simply the law of action and consequence. Too hard to think about it.

Let’s Leave Out The Weird Language In Yoga Class!

Some people suggest that Sanskrit has no place in a yoga class. This means that  you might go to one lesson and hear a teacher use Paschim Namaskarasana and in another the teacher simply refers to the posture as reverse prayer. People must know what is being discussed and what is expected of them, but I believe Sanskrit has a place in yoga.  To use Sanskrit is to acknowledge the roots of the discipline and it’s traditions. Spiritual mumbo jumbo has no place in my view. Yes people want to know about benefits beyond the physical but let’s tell it how it is. Some people like me will have a bit of an internal chuckle when they hear mumbo jumbo but for other people, maybe those new to yoga, it actually puts them off. No-one wants that.

Are you curious to know more about Sanskrit?

This page gives all sorts of links and definitions.

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