Using aloe vera

I have some suggestions about using Aloe Vera as something other than a pot plant. 10 years ago I probably would have been pleased as punch to share with you that the Aloe plant is used to make tequila.

Here Are 5 slightly Healthier Ways Of Using Aloe Vera.

  • Using Aloe Vera should always be considered as an option when treating for minor burns. Provided the burn is minor, simply immerse the affected area of skin in cold water. Gently wash the skin and then apply aloe gel. It really speeds up the recovery process and it works particularly well with sunburn.
  • The gel is also a great moisturiser. You may have to ignore harsh judgments from children (it looks like snot).When your skin looks as fresh as theirs, after an hour, it will all be worth it.
  • How about it being a great mouthwash which will help prevent periodontal disease? Blend a little gel with a lot of water and you have a ready made mouth wash. I am not going to pretend it tastes good but it does the job and it’s cheap and effective without nasty chemical additives. You can also add baking soda. If you want to improve the taste a food grade essential oil eg peppermint.
  • Think about using Aloe Vera as a hair conditioner especially if you combine it with a good oil. I find castor oil easier to wash out than coconut
  • It boosts the immune system and is an anti inflammatory (see how I slipped an extra one in there).  Use about an inch in a smoothie. Again I am not going to pretent the taste is the best. If you find the taste overpowering use less. I have found that it combines quite well with lime and mint.

 Some Precautions When Using Aloe Vera

I only use the gel (inside the skin). The leaf itself is toxic and should not be eaten. I have read that aloe juice is made from the whole leaf and personally I wouldn’t use pre- prepared Aloe Juice for that reason.

Growing Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be grown in a pot which means, pretty much anyone can grow one. In cooler climates, especially in the winter, your plant is going to do best inside. In warmer climates, the plant needs only poor quality soil and will thrive almost anywhere.


Below is a nice article giving tips on how to care for your Aloe plant.

Aloe Vera Plant Care – How To Grow An Aloe Plant