Should I Detox ?

Do you ever ask yourself; should I detox?

If so, what does the thought conjure up? Does it it mean pain, suffering and abstinence? Or does it mean a time for a clear out and expansion?

I am pretty sure a Detox has the potential to be either. I chose to view it as the latter and I can’t wait to get my next one started (the 12th October to be precise).

A few years ago I had my first introduction to the “ living food scene” at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. It was a pretty hard core introduction.

It’s laughable really. I still consider the Hippocrates Programme to be the World’s Premier Detox (you can download my ebook summarising the programme by clicking HERE). The programme is not lightweight. Many people are at the Institute to turn around life threatening illness. For many of the individuals it wasn’t a case of, should I detox, but more, if I don’t radically overhaul my diet, I won’t survive.

I was there to re-charge following a serious case of  corporate burn out. I remember sitting in Starbucks in West Palm beach the day before I started. As I downed my last muffin and latte, I wondered what I had let myself in for.

That stay wasn’t nearly as scary as I expected and it kick started my fascination for, and love of, living foods. Actually, I am pretty sure I loved them before the the stay, I just didn’t have much of a repertoire for anything beyond salad.

There is more to living foods I promise.

As I consider the question should I detox, at this point, my expectations and motivations have changed.

As I’ve said I have the highest regard for the Hippocrates Programme but my views about what it takes to make a great Detox have shifted. These shifts result from my own experience and struggles with my health issue (an autoimmune condition), and my views have evolved.

In particular, I now question the necessity for everyone to go completely hard core.

Dissing it!

I spoke to a friend the other day and he outlined a view I’ve heard many times before.

It’s a fraud and a fake; our bodies do it for us anyway.

Ok so maybe he wasn’t quite so harsh but that was the gist of it. Detoxes are completely unnecessary as our bodies do it anyway. He explained to me that our bodies naturally, and constantly, strive to eliminate toxins.

I think he expected me to disagree.

Of course that’s what our bodies do. We have organs of elimination designed for that purpose; kidneys, liver, intestines, lymphatic system, lungs and skin.

The trouble is we just take in far too much crap for our bodies to get rid of with ease.

Our bodies are not designed to handle the diversity of chemicals and substances we consume and absorb on a daily basis. That’s without looking at the synergistic effect these compounds have with one another. A detox is about taking a period of time to say ok, I am going to minimise my intake of substances my body has trouble dealing with, while at the same time supporting the body to do it’s job of elimination.

It’s Simple

What I have talked about is the physical release of toxins. Once things start to shift on that level, emotional shifts and releases also happen. That’s when the fun starts, and that’s why I detox at least twice every year.

Should I Detox?