What is inflammation?

Before I developed an autoimmune condition, and even for a few years afterwards, I don’t remember coming across the concept of internal inflammation.

Even as my GP explained to me that I had a condition that would require medication for life she made it sound as if it was no big deal (“you can access the medication easily all over the world. Don’t worry, it wont affect your life expectancy as long as you take the medication.”). Inflammation was never discussed.

I remember questioning. “The medication is just replacing what my body should be producing isn’t it?  It’s not going to help my poor, under attack, thyroid function again is it?”

As this conversation passed between us my GP looked genuinely puzzled, as if it had never occurred to her before. “No”  she agreed, throwing in a look that said, why do you need to know that?

This is not a terrible GP story. My GP was lovely and pretty open to different ideas. Her attitude was just a reflection of her training. Doctors are trained to treat symptoms.

What happens if you don’t get to the root cause?

The problem with symptom treatment is that it’s papering over the cracks. It’s a bit like rubbing down and painting over a damp patch on a wall. If you don’t treat the underlying dampness it’s just going to come back and it will probably be worse.

What was never explained to me was that f I didn’t treat the underlying problem i.e. auto-immunity and inflammation, I would have a much higher risk of developing other autoimmune conditions. Aargh? One’s enough thanks.

So inflammation in the body is a huge part of autoimmunity.  And there is a tipping point. Any Inflammation internally isn’t visible in the same way as it might be on the skin. When the inflammation becomes too great, the development of one of a number of chronic conditions is the inevitable result.

There are so many things that create inflammation and stress in the body. Unchecked there is a huge potential for the development of disease.

Diet is not a complete answer but the good news is that you can reduce physical stressors and inflammation in the body by including as many anti inflammatory foods in your diet as possible. This is an attack on inflammation and autoimmunity at root cause.

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