Luxurious bathing

Do you feel like having a bath is a bit of a waste of time? Well you are not alone.  I have to admit that for a long time I just didn’t get the point of baths. Too much time sitting pickling yourself in tepid water. If you want to get clean have a nice quick shower right? Luxurious bathing is something quite different.

If you want to get clean, a shower is almost certainly quicker than a bath. However, having a bath has so many other things to offer like:

•creating a cave


•preparing to sleep


Did You Say Creating A Cave?

A cave? Yeh well sort of. Luxurious bathing is an opportunity to create a window of time and the space for you to be alone. If you don’t have a lock  on your bathroom door and you have kids, this might be easier said than done, Having said that,  bear in mind that every well read child, knows that Clarice Bean’s mum learns Norwegian in the bath. This gives you the opportunity to give a  “ Heads up the bathroom is about to be out of bounds because I am off to learn a bit of Norwegian” instruction. This might be all that is needed to give you the time and space you need.  Even if you don’t have anyone to escape from, luxurious bathing can be a great excuse to give yourself permission to withdraw from the world, wind down and chill out.

Relaxing is the ideal and if the thought of dropping your book in the bath ruins the vibe, doing a mental scan of the body and inviting muscle groups in turn to relax, might be the ticket.  You could always listen to music.

It’s Not Just Indulgence.

If you are re-couperating or in pain, baths are great. That being the case if you decide to bathe, your muscles will automatically relax in warm water. For those who are looking to re-couperate baths at any time of day will work wonders otherwise, evenings are probably the best time for baths.

In a world where our senses are bombarded with information 24/7 our bodies might actually need some signals to start winding down.

We often fight against out natural inclination to slow things down as we move towards bedtime; using stimulants to keep us awake until we do one more thing. Winding down and obtaining a deep and restful sleep will mean that we wake up earlier and that thing get done much more effectively when we wake up.

When push comes to shove having a soak in the evening is probably going to do those around you as well as you the world of good. In that case, how could you refuse?

Extra Luxurious Bathing

•What about a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil?

•Exotic luxury; sprinkle flower petals in your water?

•Create bubbles without chemicals using liquid castle soap, distilled water, vegetable glycerin and your favourite essential oil.

Here is an article which discusses those essential oils particularly useful for reducing stress.