and experience LIFE IN EASE

 do you have time for ?


Or this ?

Or this ?

Or this ?

Or this ?



Then it’s time to make a change !

Are you ready to?


•experience great sleep every night

•restore your energy levels and find a deep sense of ease

•wake up full of energy and ready to set the day on fire

•feel lighter, more balanced and vibrant, every single day.

•reduce your risk of developing chronic disease or deal with chronic disease at root cause by dealing with inflammation in the body.

•feel your time expand as you discover your flow.


10 SIMPLE HABITS that work like magic to create a vibrant LIFE IN EASE

4 Guaranteed outcomes


What’s It All About ?

Does Any Of This Sound Like Your Cup Of Tea ?

  • Profound relaxation

  • Deep nourishment

  • Exquisite self-care

The Next 10 Week Programme Starts 1st Feb 2018


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  • Weekly recorded teaching sessions to listen to at a time convenient to you
  • Weekly live group coaching calls to cater for individual needs and difficulties. During the course of these calls we will drill down the detail and science of habit change
  • Participation in a supportive group where the commitment to raising joint consciousness is paramount
  • Recipes and handbooks jam packed with ideas, worksheets and tips to keep you on track