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Bali seems to be the kind of place you just bump into inspirational people. I want to mention two people in particular. Both blew me away. Both were diagnosed with life threatening heart disease and both took the decision to heal naturally.

These two have not only transformed, but have saved their lives, through diet. Each recoiled from the thought of spending a lifetime on medication and found a way to heal their heart disease principally through diet.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen it countless times before, individuals use the medicine nature provides. Medicine that in many cases is free or inexpensive.  Nothing really complicated has been done. What is remarkable, is the bravery and the stand each have taken. It takes guts to take a stand against conventional medical wisdom and say I want to try something different. I become really irritated by the fact information about treatment options is not accessible to all. More information and choice concerning treatment options should be available to everyone? Why do we/ they have to teach our doctors?

A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.

Anne and Adam are teaching very similar things. Anne teaches the power of breath work, water fasting with supplementation and diet from the perspective of alkalinity (good) acidity (not so good). Adam has a background as a professional chef and teaches the power of a vegan diet from the perspective of healing both body and planet. He is also an Ironman! There is a difference in emphasis but both are spreading the message; the miraculous and transformational quality of a whole foods plant based diet.

The Fountain Of Youth.

Both Adam and Anne look incredibly youthful and healthy. It hard to believe that both are a few years down the line from life threatening heart disease. What is really refreshing is that neither is a zealot. So often I come across people who are “born again” foodies. Lecturing people about what they should be eating but are not eating. To be honest nothing is more of a turn off for me and I am sure others. Anne is quite candid about her love of the odd glass of champagne which she is “not giving up.” Adam works to an 80/20 rule and although a strict vegan himself he concedes that provided less than 5 per cent of your diet is meat you won’t lose the benefits of a largely vegan diet.

Check out their respective websites to find out just how incredibly well each is faring.

Adam is at http://ifeelgood.com.au

and Anne’s at http://www.youhealing.org.

Find Your Own Truth

As ever my message to everyone is find your own truth around food. You also have to be true to yourself about your absolutes. If you are trying to heal from cancer or heart disease or something similar you need to work out your absolutes and stick with it. You don’t have much wiggle room. This isnt’ true for everyone. There is no one size fits all unfortunately. Include as much as you possibly can of what you have worked out is good for you and don’t worry too much about the other stuff. What should drop away, will do, in time. If you have no reason to drop it, it will stay.

And it’s not that always that easy, so, be kind to yourself.  Don’t make food another reason to beat yourself up.

If You Can’t Find It Make It At Home.

To be honest here in Bali it is easy which is one of the reasons I live here. When I go out, wherever I go, there is usually something I want to eat and it’s usually affordable. If there isn’t, I work with my absolutes and forget about it for the night. I focus on enjoying the company of friends. I know it’s not the same everywhere and I remember how difficult it was when I lived in the UK. Going out to eat and not finding anything I wanted to eat was a bit of a buzz kill. Things will change. I am sure demand will create change but for now I want to focus on sharing as many quick and easy recipes as I possibly can, so busy people always have a range of goodies at home, even if it’s not possible to access similar things outside the home.

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