Happy Customers

The one hour call with Rosie was the most supportive hour of my week. It taught me how to gently bring better self-care into my daily activities. Rosie also built short meditations into the calls, so that I always left feeling centered and more able to respond positively to life’s demands. This course was a valuable investment of my time that payed out in a feeling of better energy. The habits I learned have continued to help me create a sense of space in my busy life


I found it a life changing course ….that’s how good it has been to me.The new perspectives it has given me such as being aware and learning new personal strategies to change bad habits has been very helpful.

The personal guidance from you made it a pleasure to be involved. Your gentle but fun of supporting us on our journey meant I felt I was being supported by someone who really truly wanted the best for me.

I’ve gained so much knowledge about healthy food, balancing life’s pressures, truly looking out for myself and being kind to myself. I’ve found new patience to be kind to all who are part of my life.

Since I am a single parent with a demanding full time job I was worried change might be difficult or time consuming. In fact many of the changes actually saved me time and were fun new things for my daughter and I to try out together.

My self esteem has been restored and my confidence and love of life have soared.

I feel happy in a way I haven’t felt for many years.The cost was a consideration but on the other side of the course I can say it was worth every penny. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs help making some shifts whether they be large or small.

Angela S.