2 Food Myths Busted

The First Food Myth Is That We Don’t Care

There are so many food myths but I think a really big one is that we don’t care.

Most women I know, even the high flying type, secretly harbour a little fantasy around having the luxury to create a day centred around planning, shopping and cooking a really great meal (minus kids traffic and impatient partners of course).

Imagine if you had the time to wake up in the morning, browse thorough some of your favourite cookery books for inspiration and then stroll down to the local market (in the sunshine obviously) to buy locally sourced organic products. You casually chat to the farmers/growers and return home to spend a couple of hours listening to cool tunes whilst transforming your goodies into a feast for the rest of your household and, as this is a fantasy, some of your best friends too.

This is our fantasy. It’s the one peddled back to us in most cooking programmes.

The reality for most of us is that we get up and grab, or prepare things, that are quick and easy  If we have planned ahead we might have healthy foods we can whip up quickly. If not, it’s likely to be whatever comes out of a packet/ can/the freezer or a fast food outlet. We might give a little thought to nutrient content but generally speaking those nutrients are required quickly and easily.

This is simply an observation. It’s the reality for most of us. We have busy lives and other than on special occasions (which is a whole different kettle of fish) most of us simply don’t have the time for much else.

Here is a suggestion.Treat this experience as a luxurious indulgence. When you feel so tired all you want to do is slump in front of the television, try something different. Put on some music, light a candle and start browsing through those recipe books. if you don’t have recipe books there are some great on line resources you can browse through. Google whatever you fancy. You will be spoilt for choice.

Make a plan, to shop for ingredients, at the weekend.

But wait there is something else!

Chose something that is healthy. That is not just healthy but healthy  for you.  What???!

Which leads me neatly to:

The Second Food Myth: Everyone Knows What Healthy Food Is. It’s A Question Of Choice.


Most  of us are clueless.

It’s not just a case of listening to a commercial. Listening to what our friends tell us, or knowing what the latest trendy diet isn’t the answer either.

Knowing what is healthy for us means knowing what is really going on in our bodies. Once we know we can use that knowledge to address our most pressing needs and concerns. That might be energy recovery, respiratory tract infection or a good old dose of leaky gut.

Most people want to eat healthily. It’s ironic: we have so much choice, we simply don’t know what to chose. What does healthily actually mean?

It’s certainly not healthy just because it is  featured on something that had been presented to us by Jamie Oliver or Matha Stewart or whoever. These people have no idea about us, or our individual needs.

One of my big realisations over the last few years is that what is healthy for one person, is not necessarily, healthy for another.

OMG another layer of confusion and choice.

Working out what is  healthy for us adds a different layer of complexity and adds to our time pressure.

Now not only do we have to plan healthy meals but we also have to work out what’s healthy for us.

Guilty Green Food

For a long tine I actually felt guilty about having Green Smoothies. Hint it was nothing to do with the pineapple or banana (sugar!).

I have a thyroid condition and was conscious of the suggestion that brassicas can suppress thyroid function and therefore they may be less than helpful for me (Green Veg can be bad: you see how confusing it can get)

Here is how it works. I actually knew having Green Smoothies were giving me energy (not what you would expect if it was suppressing thyroid function) and after some digging around in the research I discovered that the volume of broccoli, or whatever, you would actually have to consume for this negative effect to come into play was enormous.

It was simple.  I should have just trusted how I felt!

Unless you have something like a nut allergy my recommendation is to experiment. Try things and then be mindful about what happens. Take whatever action is appropriate.

Instead of being paranoid and frantic about food just try things and see how they make you feel.

I am going to show you how to prepare the ultimate fast food and i am going to give you five recipes that will target common (in women probably universal) problems. You will learn how to give yourself a quick shot of something, tailor made to your requirements, every single day.

A Green Smoothie

This is one of the quickest and easiest convenience foods you can have.

Provided you have your ingredients the average Smoothie takes about 3 minutes to whip up in a blender.  And you can’t make not wanting to clean the blender an excuse either. Tackle it straight away. Don’t let your berry seeds to dry and become embedded in your groves. Do that and the whole thing can be washed out in less than two minutes.

Want some great recipes to start you off?

Here is a great one to start you off.


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