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Treating Root Causes: Inflammation

What is inflammation? Before I developed an autoimmune condition, and even for a few years afterwards, I don't remember coming across the concept of internal inflammation. Even as my GP explained to me that I had a condition that would require medication for life she...

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2 Food Myths Busted: We Don’t Care

The First Food Myth Is That We Don't Care There are so many food myths but I think a really big one is that we don't care. Most women I know, even the high flying type, secretly harbour a little fantasy around having the luxury to create a day centred around planning,...

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Which Food Guru Are You: Choose Now!

So Come On, Which Food Guru Are You? Is It Julia, Nigella, Martha? Be honest we have all done it? And we all know which food guru we want to be, even before we take the quiz. Maybe it’s an aspirational thing or, maybe it’s aligning ourselves with the person we think...

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Should I Detox ?

Do you ever ask yourself; should I detox? If so, what does the thought conjure up? Does it it mean pain, suffering and abstinence? Or does it mean a time for a clear out and expansion? I am pretty sure a Detox has the potential to be either. I chose to view it as the...

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Make Compost: You Might Even Have Fun

In May I spent a weekend at the Kul Kul Farm in Bali. I learned a zillion things but the highlight had to be learning how to make compost. The farm actually takes food waste from the Green School which is next door. It uses their waste to make compost. The compost is...

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Healing Heart Disease Naturally

Bali seems to be the kind of place you just bump into inspirational people. I want to mention two people in particular. Both blew me away. Both were diagnosed with life threatening heart disease and both took the decision to heal naturally. These two have not only...

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Know Your Nuts: Why Should I Soak Nuts?

  There was a time when nuts were simply eaten at Christmas or from a KP packet when you needed a snack, to “soak up the booze”.  Oh dear, was that just me?!  Well as part of a plant based diet, it’s important to know your onions so to speak. Should you soak...

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